Round Two S25

jimmy dykes at the plate

Top seed Jimmy Dykes faces fellow Philadelphia Athletic (they missed being teammates by a year) Stuffy McInnis and an assortment of players from baseball history: David Ortiz, Toby Harrah, Phil Rizzuto, Richie Sexson, Bobby Grich, and Bill Kuehne. Top 4 finishers advance, as does anyone with a .500 or better record.

The Hitters

Jimmy-Dykes-Card Baseballs Greatest Player Playoff

Jimmy Dykes
Round One S52

Stuffy-McInnis-Card Baseballs Greatest Player Playoff

Stuffy McInnis
Round One S24

David-Ortiz-Card Baseballs Greatest Player Playoff

David Ortiz
Round One S41

Toby-Harrah-Card Baseballs Greatest Player Playoff Card

Toby Harrah
Round One S18

Phil-Rizzuto-Card Baseballs Greatest Player Playoff

Phil Rizzuto
Round One S50

Richie-Sexon-Card Baseballs Greatest Player Playoff

Richie Sexson
Round One S52

Bobby-Grich-Card Baseballs Greatest Player Playoff

Bobby Grich
Round One S35

Bill-Kuehne-Card Baseballs Greatest Player Playoff

Bill Kuehne
Round One S71

The Results

David Ortiz10054.649*WON*
Bobby Grich8668.55814.0
Richie Sexson8668.55814.0
Toby Harrah8173.52619.0
Stuffy McInnis7975.51321.0
Jimmy Dykes7084.45530.0
Phil Rizzuto6886.44238.0
Bill Kuehne46108.29954.0

David Ortiz had a 49-12 stretch in June and July which propelled him to a 100 victory season and first place. Stuffy McInnis led all teams in batting average and finished up with a 7-3 record over the last 10 games to make it to a .500 record and qualify out of fifth place. Bobby Grich, Richie Sexson, and Toby Harrah also advance to Round Three. Jimmy Dykes, Phil “Scooter” Rizzuto, and Bill Kuehne are all done.

R2S25 Results

Season Highlights

  • The David Ortiz team totaled 252 home runs and Richie Sexson added 222 of his own. On the other hand, the two teams combined for 14 stolen bases on the season. Five Ortiz batters had 29 or more homers on the season.
  • Walter Johnson2 had a 26-9 record for David Ortiz, including 12 shutouts and 317 punchouts. Walter Johnson3 pitching for the Jimmy Dykes team also notched 12 shutouts.
  • David Ortiz had 20 hits in a 13-0 shutout of Phil Rizzuto.
  • Toby Harrah9 had 3 solo home runs in a 15-inning game.

No Hitters
5/ 9 Bob Gibson4 of Bill Kuehne vs. Jimmy Dykes in 9 innings

With the score tied in the 9th inning, Dykes5 hit a tapper back to the mound, which Gibson4 bobbled, allowing him to reach on the error. Dykes4 followed next, laying down a sacrifice bunt.  Dykes5 advanced to third on a fly ball to deep center field. Gibson4 then threw a wild, scoring the run. He was the hard-luck loser, 1-0.

5/28 Walter Johnson6 of Toby Harrah vs. David Ortiz in 9 innings
8/23 Pete Alexander1 of Bobby Grich vs. Phil Rizzuto in 9 innings 

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