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link to Round 4 S02

Round 4 S02

The Hitters Facing elimination, Dale Mitchell has the top seed against Frank "Wildfire" Schulte, Tom Daly, slugger Ryan Howard, Hall-of-Famer Robin Yount, Joe Kuhel, Tommy Leach, and...

link to Round 4 S01

Round 4 S01

The Hitters Round 4 kicks off with the first of 28 seasons. Half of these participants could be out of the tournament by the time the round ends. #10 seed for the whole tournament and top seed...

link to Round 3 Wrap Up

Round 3 Wrap Up

The Qualifiers Round 3, Season 61 is in the books and so it is time to get ready for the Round 4, second chance/elimination seasons. All hitters who finished in the top 4 or tied for the top 4 of...

link to Round 3 S61

Round 3 S61

Hall of Famers Jim O'Rourke and Billy Williams wrap up Round 3 in a season featuring old-timers and modern stars. Joe Judge, John Stone, and Ed Morgan cover the old days, and Chuck Knoblauch, Jay...

link to Round 3 S60

Round 3 S60

Half the combatants are from the 19th century this season: Bill Lange, George Gore, Kip Selbach, and Paul Radford. They match up against the Pirates' Bob Elliott and the very modern Jose Reyes, Amos...