Who Is The G.O.A.T.?

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link to Round 3 S52

Round 3 S52

Plenty of power is expected as Cesar Cedeno carries the top seed against Hall-of-Famer Willie McCovey and HOF cert Ichiro Suzuki. Also in the mix are reigning MVP Freddie Freeman, Mookie Wilson,...

link to Round 3 S51

Round 3 S51

This is a great slate of competitors; I'll hate to see who doesn't make the cut. Hall of Famers Roberto Clemente, Mickey Cochrane, Jim Bottomley, and Gary Carter are just the tip of the iceberg:...

link to Round 3 S50

Round 3 S50

Quite a few good ballplayers this season, as obviously nineteenth-century Bill Joyce takes the number one seed. He'll have to contend with sluggers Mark McGwire, Chuck Klein (HOF), Jack Clark, Derrek...

link to Round 3 S49

Round 3 S49

In a relatively modern season, Dale Mitchell leads the charge against a slate of Hall-of-Famers and someday Hall-of-Famers. George Brett, Chipper Jones, and Andre Dawson are already in and Steve...

link to Round 3 S48

Round 3 S48

We've got three Hall-of-Famers in this season and one "For Sure" HOFer. Al Simmons leads the field along with fellow Cooperstown alums, Dave Winfield and Luis Aparicio. They are joined by the very...

link to Round 3 S47

Round 3 S47

No Hall-of-Famers in this season but certainly plenty of potential. George Selkirk has the top seed and while he is no Babe Ruth, who he replaced in the Yankee lineup, he surely can get on base....