Who Is The G.O.A.T.?

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link to Round 4 S25

Round 4 S25

The Hitters Top seed Al Rosen faces some of the prettiest swings in baseball history as he faces Irish Meusel, Hall of Famer Wade Boggs, and John Olerud in this elimination...

link to Round 4 S24

Round 4 S24

The Hitters Sammy Sosa takes the top seed in what is sure to be a challenging race. J.D. Martinez, Mookie Wilson, Richie Sexson, and Ruben Sierra represent the modern era with Bob Nieman,...

link to Round 4 S23

Round 4 S23

The Hitters Deacon White and Jimmy Collins are a couple of old-time Hall-of-Famers trying to stay alive in this elimination season. They face a diverse slate of hitters in Danny Murphy,...

link to Round 4 S22

Round 4 S22

The Hitters Speedster Otis Nixon nabs the top seed in a league that features hitters who were lackluster fielders. Scott Rolen has the second seed with the enigmatic Bob Dillinger, one-season...

link to Round 4 S21

Round 4 S21

The Hitters Roberto Alomar is our only Hall-of-Famer in this season, taking on a mostly modern slate of hitters. Old-timer Ed McKean is the only representative of the 19th-century and...

link to Round 4 S20

Round 4 S20

The Hitters Hall-of-Famer Lou Boudreau is joined by former Cleveland teammate Luke Easter and fellow HOFer Andre Dawson in this blazing season. Sluggers Lee May, Darrell Evans, and...