Who Is The G.O.A.T.?

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link to Round Two S28

Round Two S28

Hall of Famer Alan Trammell has the top seed as we begin the wind down of round two. He goes head-to-head against Jack Doyle, Mark Teixeira, Eddie Stanky, Doc Cramer, Raul Ibanez, Joe...

link to Round Two S27

Round Two S27

Top see Carl Crawford has his work cut out for him as his competition includes two Hall-of-Famers in Lloyd Waner and Tony Perez. He will also have to get by Dodger great Ron Cey, Bill North,...

link to Round Two S26

Round Two S26

Turn-of-the-century shortstop Herman Long is the top seed this season. He will try his skills against Hall-of-Famers Harold Baines, Eddie Murray, and Ivan Rodriguez, as well as Tino Martinez,...

link to Round Two S25

Round Two S25

Top seed Jimmy Dykes faces fellow Philadelphia Athletic (they missed being teammates by a year) Stuffy McInnis and an assortment of players from baseball history: David Ortiz, Toby Harrah, Phil...

link to Round Two S24

Round Two S24

Good mix of old-timers and 70s stars. Top seed Mike Griffin and stars of yesteryear Jack Tobin and Red Murray face off against Buddy Bell, Rafael Palmeiro, Julio Cruz, Dave Kingman, and...

link to Round Two S23

Round Two S23

Top seed Vada Pinson is the top seed in the season featuring many modern players (and by modern, I mean guys I saw play!) such as Paul Konerko, Bob Watson, Tim Salmon, Willie Horton,...