Who Is The G.O.A.T.?

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link to Round 4 S14

Round 4 S14

The Hitters "Long John" Reilly (he was 6'3" when the average big leaguer was 5'9") carries the top seed in this elimination round that features some stars of the 1970s. Steve Garvey,...

link to Round 4 S13

Round 4 S13

The Hitters Barry Larkin is our only Hall-of-Famer this season with Harry Stovey as the top seed. Fred Lynn, Sam Wise, Socks Seybold, Michael Bourn, Paul Konerko, and Pat Burrell make up...

link to Round 4 S12

Round 4 S12

The Hitters Travis Jackson is in the Hall of Fame and top seed Keith Hernandez is not (for now). They face elimination and tough competition from Mickey Vernon, Christian Yelich,...

link to Round 4 S11

Round 4 S11

The Hitters Hall of Famers abound in this elimination round. Charlie Gehringer, Edgar Martinez, Joe Sewell, and Ozzie Smith represent Cooperstown with Josh Hamilton, Carlos Beltran,...

link to Round 4 S10

Round 4 S10

The Hitters Mike Mitchell only played 8 big league seasons but still managed over 100 triples. We'll see how he does in this do-or-die elimination round against Hall-of-Famer Carlton Fisk,...

link to Round 4 S09

Round 4 S09

The Hitters Dixie Walker has the top seed with three Hall-of-Famers down ballot in King Kelly, Tony Perez, and Billy Herman. Also in the mix are 70's slugger, Sal Bando, Larry Gardner, and...