Round 4 S14

Steve Garvey-Featured-Card Baseballs Greatest Player Playoff

The Hitters

“Long John” Reilly (he was 6’3″ when the average big leaguer was 5’9″) carries the top seed in this elimination round that features some stars of the 1970s. Steve Garvey, Don Baylor, and invitee Bake McBride square off against modern stars Adrian Gonzalez and Fred McGriff and old-timers Charlie “Piano Legs” Hickman and Charlie Grimm. It’s “do or die” time!

John Reilly
Round One S40
Round Two
Round 3 S36
W – L
John-Reilly-Card Baseballs Greatest Player Playoff
Steve Garvey
Round One S12
Round Two
Round 3 S49
W – L
Steve-Garvey-Card baseball's greatest player playoff
Don Baylor
Round One S51
Round Two
Round 3 S12
W – L
Don-Baylor-Card Baseballs Greatest Player Playoff
Adrian Gonzalez
Round One S42
Round Two
Round 3 S45
W – L
Adrian-Gonzalez-Card Baseballs Greatest Player Playoff
Fred McGriff
Round One S57
Round Two S14
Round 3 S50
W – L
Fred-McGriff-Card Baseballs Greatest Player Playoff
Bake McBride
Round One S74
Round Two S19
Round 3 S03
W – L
Bake-McBride-Card Baseballs Greatest Player Playoff
Charlie Hickman
Round One S18
Round Two S08
Round 3 S03
W – L
Charlie-Hickman-Card Baseballs Greatest Player Playoff Card
Charlie Grimm
Round One S38
Round Two S16
Round 3 S46
W – L
Charlie-Grimm-Card Baseballs Greatest Player Playoff

The Results

Steve Garvey started out strong with a 19-6 April and held on for a convincing first-place finish. Bake McBride, taking full advantage of his invitation, hung on for another round and will be joining Adrian Gonzalez, John Reilly, and Fred McGriff (fifth place but over .500) in Round 5. Don Baylor went on a tear at the end but came up a single victory shy of qualification by dropping his last two games. We say goodbye to him, Hickman, and Grimm.

Season Highlights

  • Garvey led all teams in batting average and Steve Garvey stroked 208 hits – 54 of them doubles – and claimed the batting crown with a .328 average. He also hit safely in 30 straight games.
  • Bake McBride2 had 19 triples on the season.
  • McGriff9 took the home run title with 32 round-trippers.
  • Bake McBride crushed Charlie Grim, 19-1. McBride had 30 hits as a team, every batter having at least one hit in the contest.
  • In that game, McBride2 went 6 for 6.
  • Garvey7 had a 3-HR game.
  • No-Hitters
    None. 3 one-hitters,

Tim Bruno

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