Who Is The G.O.A.T.?

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link to Round One S18

Round One S18

All-time hit king, Pete Rose, takes on Jeff Kent, Mark McGwire, Pee Wee Reese, Pete Browning, Toby Harrah, Ron Gant, and Charlie Hickman in continuing first-round action. What comes out on top,...

link to Round One S17

Round One S17

Three Hall-of-Famers and five contemporary greats meet-up in continuing Round One action. Rogers Hornsby, George Sisler, and Duke Snider see how the all-time greats stack up against Jack Clark,...

link to Round One S16

Round One S16

We are now over a fifth of the way through the first round. George Brett is our only Hall-of-Famer and he faces off against Omar Vizquel, Doc Cramer, Mark Teixeira, Lefty O'Doul, Ralph Garr, Sam...

link to Round One S15

Round One S15

Starting week three, four Hall-of-Famers vie for the top slot. Paul Molitor, Roberto Alomar, Nellie Fox, and Johnny Bench see how they measure up against Jack Doyle,...

link to Round One S14

Round One S14

As we wrap up Week Two of Round One, we see a league stacked with Hall-of-Famers, led by Lou Gehrig, Jim O'Rourke, Cubs great Ron Santo, the original Earl of Snohomish Earl Averill, and Bill...

link to Round One S13

Round One S13

More from Round One: Hall-of-Famers Ted Williams and Tony Gwynn go head-to-head against some terrific ballplayers - Lance Berkman, Willie Randolph, Ed Konetchy, Mike Trout, Bob Elliott, and...