Who Is The G.O.A.T.?

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link to Round One S75

Round One S75

And we have arrived at the 75th and final season of Round One. Our top seed is White Sox great Robin Ventura who will be facing Jeff Heath, sluggers Nelson Cruz and Bo Jackson, Bob Nieman, Dom...

link to Round One S74

Round One S74

In our penultimate season, for only the second time, we have a season without a Hall-of-Famer. Top seed Patsy Donovan goes up against George Burns, J.D. Martinez, Fred Dunlap, Bake McBride, Pepper...

link to Round One S73

Round One S73

As we speed toward the end of Round One, top seed Bill Buckner has his work cut out for him. He faces Hall-of-Famer Tony Lazzeri, a young Christian Yelich, World War II home run champ Bill...

link to Round One S72

Round One S72

Things start getting messy here; I found out I had accidentally included Ted Simmons in the playoff in two different leagues. Coupled with the George Kelly confusion and the whole George Burns /...

link to Round One S71

Round One S71

Top seed Max Carey is our only Hall-of-Famer this season and he faces some stiff competition from fellow triple makers Jimmy Sheckard, Bill Kuehne, and Duff Cooley. They also...