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link to Round One S65

Round One S65

Future Hall-of-Famer Miguel Cabrera has the top seed in Season 65. He will see how he stacks up against current Hall-of-Famers Pie Traynor and baseball pioneer John Ward, as well as...

link to Round One S64

Round One S64

As we head toward the end of Round One, Hall of Famer Zack Wheat is the top seed in a decidedly "Old-Time" Season 64. He will be facing 19th Century ballplayers Mike Tiernan,...

link to Round One S63

Round One S63

Luis Gonzalez leads in this season that features hitters from across the years. Dummy Hoy and Hall-of-Famer Ned Hanlon harken from the 19th-Century and the 20th is covered by...

link to Round One S62

Round One S62

An interesting cross-section of baseball history in Season 62 as top seed Dwight Evans, Kid Gleason, and Hall-of-Famers Luis Aparicio and Ted Simmons pit their long career consistency against...

link to Round One S61

Round One S61

Roberto Clemente is our only Hall-of-Famer in Season 61. He mixes it up with two of his contemporaries: shortstop Bert Campaneris and outfielder Jose Cardenal, and others from across baseball...

link to Round One S60

Round One S60

Two Hall-of-Famers in Season 60. Designated hitter Harold Baines and third baseman supreme Brooks Robinson face a diverse field of talent including old-timers Lu Blue, Ginger Beaumont,...