Who Is The G.O.A.T.?

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link to Round Two S03

Round Two S03

Al Rosen just missed qualifying in Round One, so he looks to make the most out of his second chance here in Round Two. He will face the speedy Brett Butler, Ozzie Smith, and Edgar Renteria and the...

link to Round Two S02

Round Two S02

It's "Do Or Die" for top seed Nomar Garciaparra and modern stars David Justice, Robinson Cano, Cecil Fielder, Omar Vizquel, and Tony Phillips as they compete to continue in the playoff with...

link to Round Two S01

Round Two S01

We begin Round Two where the hitters who failed to finish either fourth place or better or above .500 in their seasons in Round One get a second chance to move forward in the playoff....

link to Round One S75

Round One S75

And we have arrived at the 75th and final season of Round One. Our top seed is White Sox great Robin Ventura who will be facing Jeff Heath, sluggers Nelson Cruz and Bo Jackson, Bob Nieman, Dom...

link to Round One S74

Round One S74

In our penultimate season, for only the second time, we have a season without a Hall-of-Famer. Top seed Patsy Donovan goes up against George Burns, J.D. Martinez, Fred Dunlap, Bake McBride, Pepper...