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link to Round Two S18

Round Two S18

No Hall-of-Famers in this season but some darn good ballplayers! Dave Concepcion leads the way as the top seed facing way-old-timers Darby O'Brien, Lave Cross, and Tommy Corcoran, plus...

link to Round Two S17

Round Two S17

Jeff Kent comes into this season as the top seed but will have his work cut out for him if he hopes to advance to Round Three. Hall-of-Famers Ned Hanlon, Tommy McCarthy, Ken Griffey Jr., stand...

link to Round Two S16

Round Two S16

An interesting bag of players led by the underrated Bill Dahlen in the top seed. Fellow Cubs Jose Cardenal and Charlie Grimm join him in attempting to move ahead to Round Three in the playoff....

link to Round Two S15

Round Two S15

Accidentally in the tournament, Don Buford tries to stay in against Hall-of-Famer Ernie Lombardi, maybe-someday Hall-of-Famers Dwight Evans and Don Mattingly, Mariner Jay Buhner, and old-timers...

link to Round Two S14

Round Two S14

Tiger slugger Vic Wertz has the top seed in this season and will have some long-ball competition from Bob Elliott, Lew Fonseca, Fred McGriff, Andruw Jones, Roy Sievers, Orlando Cabrera, and...

link to Round Two S13

Round Two S13

Philadelphia Athletics old-timers Topsy Hartsel and Harry Davis face tough competition as they vie for a slot in the Third Round against Jermaine Dye, Curt Flood, Hall of Famer...