Who Is The G.O.A.T.?

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link to Round Two S24

Round Two S24

Good mix of old-timers and 70s stars. Top seed Mike Griffin and stars of yesteryear Jack Tobin and Red Murray face off against Buddy Bell, Rafael Palmeiro, Julio Cruz, Dave Kingman, and...

link to Round Two S23

Round Two S23

Top seed Vada Pinson is the top seed in the season featuring many modern players (and by modern, I mean guys I saw play!) such as Paul Konerko, Bob Watson, Tim Salmon, Willie Horton,...

link to Round Two S22

Round Two S22

Iron Man Cal Ripken and fellow Hall-of-Famers Bobby Doerr and Gary Carter try to qualify for Round Three against Carlos Delgado, Ross Barnes, Lance Johnson, Bibb Falk, and Monte Cross. Top 4...

link to Round Two S21

Round Two S21

Hero of my youth, Andre Thornton owns the top seed facing a panoply of stars including Giancarlo Stanton, Gary Redus, Juan Samuel, Eddie Joost, Buddy Myer, Gary Gaetti, and Hall-of-Famer Bill...

link to Round Two S20

Round Two S20

Luis Castillo earned the top seed in Season 20 against Hall-of-Famers Roy Campanella and Joe Torre, plus stiff competition from Edwin Encarnacion, Michael Young, Tony Taylor, John Olerud, and...

link to Round Two S19

Round Two S19

Old-time Senator Cecil Travis is in the top seed facing non-ranked invitee Bake McBride, former Expos Hall-of-Famer Andre Dawson and Tim Wallach, plus Dots Miller, slugger Albert Belle,...