Round One S10

Jimmie Foxx swinging

More Round One action brings us All-Time Great Jimmie Foxx and power hitters Dave Kingman, Willie Horton, and Al Rosen along with Eddie Yost, Dixie Walker, and Joe Judge. How do they fare? Let’s find out!

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This photo of Jimmie Foxx was in the baseball history book I took out of the library as often as I was allowed.
Jimmie Foxx10252.662*WON*
Dixie Walker8569.55217.0
Joe Judge8371.53919.0
Jimmy Ryan7876.50624.0
Al Rosen7678.49426.0
Eddie Yost6985.44833.0
Willie Horton6589.42237.0
Dave Kingman5896.37744.0
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Dixie Walker – The People’s Cherce

I was very interested in this one; Jimmy Foxx has long been one of my favorites and Dave Kingman always intrigued me… With his all or nothing style of hitting, I think he might fit into today’s MLB just fine… he was just ahead of his time (and got royally screwed by the owner’s collusion – allegedly). Well, Double XX did not disappoint, hitting 269 homers as a team, 6 batters with over 30 HRs each. The league average was only .203 and Horton (.198), Yost (.187), and Kingman (.147) were all on the interstate.

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Joe Judge – a 5-8 First Baseman!

Not surprising, given his average, Kingman was no-hit and 1-hit four times each during the season, 5% of his games. One no-no was a 13-inning affair – 11 by Tom Seaver and 2 by Sandy Koufax in relief. Another was a perfect game by Cy Young.

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Ryan had an 18-year career that saw him hit .308

Foxx is joined by Dixie Walker, Joe Judge, and Jimmy Ryan in Round 3. The others get a second chance in Round 2.

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