Round One S03

Barry Bonds swinging

More Round One action as Barry Bonds and Hack Wilson put their home run power to the test against the Dead-ball Era speed of Jesse Burkett and Johnny Evers. Who will come out on top? Click to see!

Barry Bonds10450.675*WON*
Jesse Burkett9460.61010.0
Hack Wilson8965.57815.0
Johnny Evers7183.46133.0
Joe Kuhel7183.46133.0
Aramis Ramirez6787.43537.0
Rajai Davis6391.40941.0
Alfonso Soriano5797.37047.0
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Barry Bonds holds the record for Lifetime Home Runs at 762

There was a big drop off in victories from The Babe to Barry but it was still no real surprise that Bonds finished on top. One of the Hack Wilsons led the league with 25 home runs with a Bonds and 4 other Hacks tied at 24. Jesse Burkett had the top team Batting Average at .252 with surprise (to me, anyway) qualifier Johnny Evers at .223. Perhaps I was wrong in thinking that he was only in the Hall-of-Fame because of that poem.

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5-9, 125 lbs and look at how Johnny Evers choked up on the bat!

One Walter Johnson had a 19-strikeout game (11 innings) and one Roger Clemens had 17 Ks in nine. Both were against Hack Wilson. In fact, almost all the top strikeout games were against poor old Hack.

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5-6, 190 – 230 lbs depending on the year!

Bonds, Burkett, Wilson, and Evers are joined by Joe Kuhel in Round 3. The others get a second chance in Round 2.

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Hall of Famer Jesse Burkett hit over .400 twice in the 1890s

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