Round Two S32

mickey tettleton swing

Mickey Tettleton is the top seed and he faces, among others, fellow tiger and Hall-of-Famer Charlie Gehringer in the quest to advance to Round Three. They will also compete against Johnny Frederick, Tony Womack, Greg Vaughn, Jeromy Burnitz, HOF-er Travis Jackson, and Hugh Nicol. Top 4 move on, the others move home.

The Hitters

Mickey-Tettleton-Card Baseballs Greatest Player Playoff

Mickey Tettleton
Round One S25

Johnny-Frederick-Card Baseballs Greatest Player Playoff Card

Johnny Frederick
Round One S01

Tony-Womack-Card Baseballs Greatest Player Playoff Card

Tony Womack
Round One 09

Charlie-Gehringer-Card Baseballs Greatest Player Playoff

Charlie Gehringer
Round One S28

Greg-Vaughn-Card Baseballs Greatest Player Playoff

Greg Vaughn
Round One S42

Jeromy-Burnitz-Card Baseballs Greatest Player Playoff

Jeromy Burnitz
Round One S30

Travis-Jackson-Card Baseballs Greatest Player Playoff

Travis Jackson
Round One S67

Hugh-Nicol-Card Baseballs Greatest Player Playoff

Hugh Nicol
Round One S56

The Results

Charlie Gehringer10648.688*WON*
Johnny Frederick8173.52625.0
Travis Jackson7975.51327.0
Mickey Tettleton7777.50029.0
Tony Womack7282.46834.0
Jeromy Burnitz7084.45536.0
Greg Vaughn6985.44837.0
Hugh Nicol6292.40344.0

Charlie Gehringer made it clear that his Round One performance was a fluke, crushing all competitors and compiling 106 victories and leading by 25 games by season’s end. Johnny Frederick, Travis Jackson, and Mickey Tettleton also qualified for Round Three. Sadly, we must say “Au revoir” to the rest.

Season Highlights

  • Despite finishing last, Hugh Nicol led in stolen bases with 538.
  • Charlie Gehringer out-hit the league by 54 points.
  • Charlie Gehringer99 led all individual batters with a .324 average and 197 hits.
  • Tony Womack had 19 triples on the season.
  • Jeromy Burnitz led with 30 HRs.
  • Jeromy Burnitz7 and Jeromy Burnitz8 each had 3-homer games.
  • Randy Johnson, pitching for Charlie Gehringer struck out 20 Mickey Tettletons. On another occasion, he struck out 19!
  • No-Hitters
    4/16 0 Randy Johnson7 of TRJ vs. GRV in 9 innings
    5/13 0 Randy Johnson7 of TRJ vs. GRV in 9 innings 
    That’s right, Randy Johnson7 no-hit Greg Vaughn twice in the space of one month.

Tim Bruno

Tim has been a baseball fan for most of his life and has played a great deal of baseball and softball over the years. Although his playing days are long behind him, he remembers back when he was an extremely fast catcher with an extremely bad arm. He has been playing Strat-o-Matic baseball since he was 14. Tim is currently living in southwest France and writes A LOT about coffee at He has also written Procaffeination: A Coffee Lover's Dictionary, which will be available soon. You can find out more about Tim's writing at and if you want to contact him about the tournament, drop him an email at

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