Round One S08

Willie Mays

Kicking off week two of Round One, we see top seed Willie Mays faceoff against Hall-of-Famer Harry Heilmann, Augie Galan, Mark Grace, Red Murray, Johnny Pesky, Tim Salmon, and Mike Smith. Who moves on to the next round?

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Willie Mays retired with 660 Lifetime HRs – 2nd All-time
Willie Mays10252.662*WON*
Harry Heilmann8272.53220.0
Augie Galan8272.53220.0
Mike Smith7876.50624.0
Johnny Pesky7480.48128.0
Tim Salmon6787.43535.0
Mark Grace6688.42936.0
Red Murray6589.42237.0
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Heilmann batted over .390, four times and had a .342 lifetime average

Say Hey, Willie Mays won this one in handy fashion, winning on opening day and never looking back. He finished a healthy 20 games ahead of the pack. Harry Heilmann and Johnny Pesky tied for the batting average lead with .243, 20 points ahead of the league as a whole.

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3-time All-Star Augie Galan

As evidence of the pitching heavy nature of this round, a Harry Heilmann led the league with a .260 batting average and the best Willie Mays led the league with 22 homers. One Tim Salmon struck out 5 times in 5 at bats in a 13-inning game; I bet that was frustrating! One thing I am tracking is Hit By Pitch totals. Since this is not based on statistics but is the same chance for every player, I am curious as to what the breakdown will be. One Mark Grace had 10 HBP on the season. There were four no-hitters and again, Cy Young tossed a perfect game.

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Mike Smith batted .310, lifetime

Mays and Heilmann are joined in Round 3 by Augie Galan, Mike Smith, and Johnny Pesky who made it in based on having a positive run differential. The others get a second chance in Round 2.

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Three years of WWII might have cost Pesky a slot in the Hall-of-Fame

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